Valerie Jack

Poet and Playwright


I am writing a collection of poems called Live-Aboard.   I have written a number of poems drawing on my own experiences of living on a narrow boat.   But lately I have also been widening my watery horizons through research into a range of historical and contemporary modes of life aboard.

 Live-Aboard will be mostly about living on boats, but I am also fascinated with life on small islands, and I am open to wider interpretations of living ‘aboard’ perhaps to include oil rigs, trains and hot air balloons.   The inspiring choices people make for a life-less-ordinary; isolation from and communication with the wider world; the limitations of space within and the vastness of space without, are some of my areas of interest.  And water, water all around. 

I would welcome your comments on the poems posted on my blog.  And if any one reading has any personal experience of living ‘aboard’ in whatever sense, or has a suggestion for a future poem, it would be great to hear from you.  Thanks!