Valerie Jack

Poet and Playwright



NOVEMBER 2010, ETCETERA THEATRE, CAMDEN directed by Kirsty Lothian, starring Simon Desborough, Bethan Knight, Colin Jeffery and Natalie Wilcox

'Who will help Valerie Jack, whose lively first play, Fireworks deserved more than a week at the Etcetera in Camden?' (The Observer)

'One of the best fringe shows I've seen in a while' (London Theatre Project)

'A provocative blend of emotional drama and comedy...building up to an explosive denouement'  (Camden New Journal)

'Fireworks presents psychologically complex characters...while striking notes of dramatic intensity' (remotegoat)

'Intriguing and disquieting' (Hampstead Theatre)

'The loss of innocence in the context of learning difficulties and behavioural problems is an important subject matter' (Soho Theatre)

'A very powerful piece' (Jackie Waters, Director of Services of the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association)


November 5th will be a special day for Katie: her 16th birthday.

Katie wants to eat cake and Love Hearts till she goes pop.

Claire wants to be the special one in the spotlight for once.

Danny wants to jump on his bike and give her full throttle.

But what does Alex want, and who will the finger point at

as the Bad Guy who has to burn?

One thing's for sure: there will be fireworks.


Fireworks is a play about family ties and special needs.

Katie has Prader-Willi Syndrome and a documentary maker has come to stay.

A cracked combination code, new red lingerie, a missing jigsaw piece and a serious allegation build towards a darkly explosive climax.